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Blogger James McGrath Reviews A Polite Bribe 
James McGrath,

An Interview with Director Robert Orlando
Rev. Jeffrey J. Bütz, S.T.M.

Interview: A Polite Bribe Director Robert Orlando
Mark Crowell, Writer, Cinedelphia

“A Polite Bribe” Is A Controversial Documentary
Valerie Knight, Host/Reporter, 98.1 WOGL- FM

“A Polite Bribe” 
Dave Muolo, Staff Writer,

How Saint Paul Bribed the Early Church
John Byron, Professor of New Testament, Ashland Theological Seminary

New Documentary on Paul by Robert Orlando
Jeffery Butz, Instructor of Religious Studies, Penn State University

Who was the Apostle Paul?
Bill Tameus, Faith Matters Blog

Review: A Polite Bribe
Dr. David M. May, NT Studies

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