A Polite Bribe: Sensationalized Hype or Expert Opinion?

A POLITE BRIBE: Sensationalized Hype or Expert Opinion? For those who are speaking or writing about our film A Polite Bribe without having viewed it, and who are looking to dismiss the film by assigning “bad or radical motives” to its creator (me), I suggest you please take a moment and read some … Continue reading

A Polite Bribe: Paul, His Movement, and Hellenic Culture

A Polite Bribe: Paul, His Movement, and Hellenic Culture  As an independent scholar and film maker I have been fascinated with the potential to reframe the story of Paul’s mission to the Gentiles and his relationship with the earliest Jewish Christian communities—especially that of Jerusalem. Paul recognized the early Jerusalem … Continue reading

Historical Paul: Have They Missed The Real Story?

Historical Paul: Have They Missed the Real Story? Albert Schweitzer, winner of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize, called “one of the greatest Christians of his time,” philosopher, physician, musician, clergyman, missionary, and theologian in his The Quest for the Historical Jesus and his Mysticism of Paul: ” What is the … Continue reading

Man Does Not Live by God Alone

We see money in politics, in marriage and on the news, but it is still surprising that we find the suggestion so scandalous that there was money in early Christianity, something I suggest in my documentary “A Polite Bribe.” Most conservative scholars will view the money transaction through a… Read … Continue reading

Yes, James the Brother of Jesus!

Before our recent screening of “A Polite Bribe” at Philadelphia’s Landmark Theater, amid the storm of Sandusky scandal, I was confronted again by the real differences between Protestant and Catholic perspectives. Though “A Polite Bribe” is the story of how Paul founded Christianity and the “bribe” that… Read on Huffington … Continue reading