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 If Oliver Stone ever became a Bible scholar, he might turn out a movie a bit like A Polite Bribe”.Amy Longsdorf, The Morning Call
A Polite Bribe has the shock value of “The DaVinci Code”, but the bigger shock is that it’s likely the real truth about Christianity. Go on the journey of the Apostle Paul presented with great detail by filmmaker Robert Orlando, and in this documentary; hear scholars and historians explore those first decades after the birth of Jesus Christ. It will challenge everything you thought you knew.Valerie Knight, WOGL-FM
A Polite Bribe is thought-provoking, informative, inspiring and eye-opening. A conversation starter about one of the most notable New Testament figures. This movie goes beyond the neatly packaged traditional biblical story of Paul and into a deeper understanding of this iconic figure and the roots of modern day religion.Paul Perrello Metro Networks
The artwork in Robert Orlando’s film is exquisite and should be exhibited in the Philadelphia Museum Of Art. Robert’s interviews, with religious academics, is the thread that weaves together the tapestry of the film. Robert has found charismatic and entertaining story-tellers who explain the story of Paul in such a captivating manner that it is appealing and most attractive to people like myself, who do not know the story and who do not subscribe to the beliefs of Christianity.Phillip Silverstone WWDB-TALK 860 Philadelphia


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Reviews From Scholars

“Its engrossing 80 cinematic minutes portray a Paul convincingly situated in his first century Mediterranean setting and immersed in conflict with Christ-movement leaders in Jerusalem in a way normally only attained in serious academic scholarship. It compellingly integrates a strong story-line, lively interviews with leading New Testament scholars, fine animation and effects, and magnificent music. Whenever I teach Paul in the future I will show this film to my students very early in the course.”Philip Esler, The University of Gloucestershire
A Polite Bribe pulls back the veil on that history revealing the true account of the parties and politics that gave birth to Christianity, including Paul’s bitter conflict with James the brother of Jesus and the original apostles. The fateful results of that “battle of the apostles,” is an untold story that is at last coming to light.James Tabor Chair, Dept. of Religious Studies, UNC
Robert Orlando is by far the most knowledgeable and probing filmmaker I have dealt with in connection with films on Jesus or Paul. He has read widely, knows the different perspectives on Paul, his letters, and the cast of scholarly characters. While maintaining a broad spectrum of views on Paul, he will surely produce the most ‘down-to-earth’ Paul that we have yet seen on film.Richard Horsley- D.P. of Lib. Arts and Religion, UMass
Robert Orlando has an amazing knowledge not only of Paul, but also of Pauline scholarship. What matters most, however, is the fact that he retains a healthy critical attitude to the apostle that balances the extent to which he too, like so many others, has fallen under his spell.
Troels Engberg-Pedersen, Univ of Copenhagen
Robert Orlando is the most well-read, knowledgeable, and passionate film-maker ever to tackle the Apostle Paul. Because Orlando combines mastery of his subject with such eye-catching artistry and creativity, he succeeds in making a film that both illumines its subject and pleases the eye.Pamela Eisenbaum - Assoc Prof, 
IIiff School of Theology
This is not your ordinary life of Paul. Not a triumphant apostle of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but one who suffered set-back after set-back throughout his career, often in the form of opposition from the church in Jerusalem. Despite all that, he nevertheless remained faithful to his apostolic ministry to the gentiles. But despite all forms of opposition, Paul remained faithful to his God-given task of announcing what God has done for all peoples, Jew as well as gentile, in his act of grace in Jesus Christ.Paul Achtemier - Union Theological Seminary, Virginia
Robert Orlando combines a thorough knowledge of Paul’s letters with a deep sensitivity to the issue of Jewish-Christian relations in the first century. His movie promises both to bring the historical setting to life and to draw the viewer into it. No doubt so compelling an experience will enable us all to read the texts with new eyes and thus better grasp their true significance.Gerd Lüdemann - Prof Geor-August-University Göttingen
Robert Orlando promises a breakthrough film on Paul. He combines real expertise and creativity in film-making with a sophisticated knowledge of the New Testament and the Pauline literature within it. No one has previously been able to combine these talents before. His film will be the first to capture an audience and still remain accurate and informative.Alan F. Segal - Prof of Religion
, Columbia University

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