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Robert Orlando

For 20 years Robert Orlando has brought his cinematic vision to the screen, beginning with his mesmerizing 1988 film See Her Run, going on to represent New York University at the Tel Aviv Film Festival.

For several years after that he worked as a freelance editor, cinematographer and director in New York City, completing his first documentary La Famiglia and eventually starting Nexus Media; writing, directing and editing spots for clients such as Coke, Merrill Lynch and Conde Nast. Orlando also completed numerous scripts that were contracted, optioned or purchased, including The Road, later featured in William H. Phillips’ Writing Short Scripts.

In 2001, Orlando wrote and directed his debut feature Moment In Time, winning several awards and earning him a chance to work as a writer and director on the black comedy Choose Life with Peter Dobson and several other notables. He has also adapted the works of writers like Mark HelprinJonathan Lethem and Charles Ardai.

His latest film,  Silence Patton, will be theatrically released in Fall 2016.

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Imagine, if you will, a lost film. A dark, complex, and ancient film that once filled theaters and garnished mass accolades. Yet with the years’ passing, people forget, copies get destroyed or misplaced, and soon all that remains as evidence of the film’s existence are fragments of one critic’s reviews (Paul). Then, decades later, another enterprising filmmaker picks up those reviews, and, with additional facts and using oral reports, attempts to re-shoot the movie as near to the original as possible (Luke).


“Paul’s life, of which we get snippets from his letters and also from the accounts of others about him, was a dramatic one. Robert Orlando takes those details, and the insights and interpretations of scholars, and weaves them together with the skill of a filmmaker to provide a compelling narrative of Paul’s life, his aims, his struggles.” —James McGrath, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN “At a time when...

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