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    If Oliver Stone ever became a Bible scholar,
    he might turn out a movie a bit like A Polite Bribe

    Amy Longsdorf, The Morning Call

Thirty years after the death of Christ,

the future of the Christian church teetered on faulty ground. Two factions, the Apostle Paul’s Gentile Churches and the Judean Church lead by Jesus’ own brother James… Both groups had clearly emerged with very different visions for the mission, and were headed toward a final showdown — A mutually destructive fracture that would have ended the Church in its infancy, if not for one man. Now for the first time, learn how one man’s vision kept the early Christian movement together. How one man, defied the very followers of Jesus himself… and in the end left his homeland to conquer an Empire. Learn the story the church would never tell. A Polite Bribe.


Story Of One MAN, One Change, One Collection

Apostle Paul

Bribes, Bids, and Betrayals in the Bible?

The main controversy over Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe, (and my book of the same name) is the use of the word “bribe” in the subtitle. I understand that for many Christians, the books published over the last dozen years such as God is not Great or the films like The Da Vinci Code have put them a bit on the defensive. And a word like “bribe” might only raise another red flag, or perhaps not. (...)Paul is a lightning rod for world views, but as a historian-storyteller what cannot be denied is that: 1. Paul was not one of the original Apostles and was called by a Vision (of Jesus) (I Cor 15:8).2. Paul did not get along with the original Apostles and in part his agreement with them required a collection (Gal 2:10).3. When it was time to fulfill his promise of the collection, he was rejected and almost killed (Romans 15:30-31, Acts 21). Rather than my book or film raising more red flags, I offer a white flag appeal that our use of critical human reason —“ faith seeking knowledge” or knowledge seeking faith — as the only possible mode for the full discovery of truth.


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